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December 2019 Archives

OSHA pledges to step up inspections over amputation risks

Texas companies may present a serious threat to their employees if they fail to take proper steps to guard equipment. Machinery used in the manufacturing process can lead to catastrophic injuries and even fatalities from a range of workplace accidents. While the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration issues and enforces regulations for workplace safety, workers can suffer severe effects if these guidelines are not implemented by employers. One issue of particular concern to OSHA is the risk of amputations on the job for workers operating equipment in a factory setting.

Warehouse workers face dangers on the job

The warehouse industry in Texas is booming. Around the world, Amazon alone directs 150 million square feet of warehouse space. Even as brick-and-mortar retail is experiencing serious problems, more and more people are buying goods online, requiring ever more warehouse space and warehouse employees. Some warehouse companies are dedicating significant energy to automating their workplaces, attempting to cut down on the number of human employees while also introducing potentially hazardous robotic implements. Indeed, there is some time to come before automation will displace many workers, but their jobs are likely to become more stressful and fast-paced as a result.

Providing workers with double hearing protection

OSHA has a permissible exposure limit in place that's meant to protect all workers in Texas and across the U.S. from overexposure to loud noises. The safety organization also has a hearing conservation program requirement. Employers are to train employees on how to monitor noise levels and safeguard themselves. This naturally means providing the right hearing protection devices.

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