Working in a warehouse is a physically demanding job, and employees face the risk of injury daily. What injuries do warehouse workers experience?

1. Forklift accidents

Forklifts can help workers lift heavier loads, move warehouse inventory more quickly and improve efficiency. However, they can also be a significant source of injury in a warehouse. Forklifts are involved in thousands of accidents each year, and insufficient training, busy facilities and poor forklift maintenance can all put employees at risk of a forklift accident.

2. Overexertion

Because warehouse workers often perform specific actions repeatedly or lift heavy objects, they can be particularly prone to overexertion injuries. Appropriate training and ergonomic equipment can help prevent these injuries, but not every employer embraces these precautions.

3. Slips, trips and falls

Busy warehouses can house a wide variety of safety hazards. Improperly stored items, spills, uneven surfaces and other concerns can easily cause workers to trip. More seriously, workers using scaffolding or lifts to reach items on a higher shelf face potentially catastrophic falls.

4. Strikes from falling items

Because warehouses often utilize high shelves, items placed haphazardly on those shelves can cause serious injuries if they fall, and such accidents can even be fatal.

When warehouse workers experience these or other on-the-job injuries, they often face costly medical expenses, time away from work and other challenges. In Texas, they may also face unique concerns if their employer does not subscribe to workers’ compensation. Because of this, it can be important to work with an attorney to help them navigate their legal options and get the financial support they are due.