Top four workplace hazards in the construction industry

| Jan 26, 2021 | Construction Workers' Accidents, Workplace Accidents |

It is well known that the construction industry presents workplace hazards that other professions in El Paso may not. When construction accidents happen, they can cause serious injuries and in some cases fatalities. The following are the top four construction hazards according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and what employers can do to keep workers safe.


Falling from ladders and scaffolding and in floor holes are a common construction hazard. Employers should supply workers with personal fall arrest equipment. Perimeter protections should be installed. Any floor openings should be covered and labeled. Finally, workers should be educated on how to safely use ladders and scaffolds.

Being struck by an object

Struck-by accidents are another common construction hazard. Workers should never be placed in a position where they are standing between moving and fixed objects. Workers should also be supplied with high-visibility clothing when they are working near equipment and vehicles.

Being caught-in/between trenches and excavations

Another construction hazard is being caught-in/between trenches. Employers should make sure adequate protective systems are in place when workers are in trenches or excavations that are five or more feet deep. In addition, trenches and excavations should be protected through sloping, shoring, benching or by having a trench shield system in place.


Finally, the fourth common construction hazard is electrocutions. Before work on a construction site begins, all utilities should be located and identified, especially when working with ladders, scaffolds or other platforms. Workers should not be placed in a position where they are too close to power lines. Any portable electric tools should be grounded or double installed while in use. Workers should also use ground-fault circuit interrupters.

Learn more about construction accidents

If you were injured in a construction accident, you may have many worries about your future. You may wonder if you will fully recover from your injuries, and you may be concerned about how to make ends meet financially if you are unable to work due to your injuries. To learn more about construction accidents, you can visit our firm’s website for further information.