Common injuries faced by truck drivers

| Mar 11, 2021 | Workers' compensation |

To most Texans, driving an over-the-road truck appears to be an occupation involving little risk of injury. This conclusion, however, is wrong. People forget that truckers are constantly shifting gears, applying the brakes, and loading and unloading cargo. All of this work requires the application of significant physical force. Whenever the body engages in such activities, the risk of serious injury is very high.

Common truck driver injuries

The most common injuries suffered by truck drivers involve the neck, shoulders and back. Shifting gears in a big rig requires significant exertion, as does the loading and unloading of cargo. Also, the constant bouncing of the cab subjects the driver to a high risk of injury to the lower back.

The common injuries have names: tendonitis, bursitis, and arthritis. Tendonitis can be caused by a driver constantly twisting when turning or backing. The bursa sacs help the muscles and the bones to work together. Uncommon strain can inflame the bursa sacs and cause extreme pain and limitation in a person’s range of motion. Repetitive actions have also been documented to cause arthritis.


Semi-trailer trucks travel at high speed much of the time. These large vehicles are not always easy to maneuver, and accidents are common. Many injuries suffered by truck drivers in collisions with other trucks or automobiles are not serious, but the potential for a severe injury or even death is always present.

Anyone who has suffered any of these injuries while driving a truck is eligible for workers’ compensation or, if the employer is a non-subscriber to workers’ compensation, may wish to consult an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. A knowledgeable attorney can evaluate the evidence including medical records, negotiate with the insurance company, or if no agreement is reached, represent the claimant before the workers’ compensation commission.