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Posts tagged "Industrial Workers' Accidents"

OSHA's requirements for machine guarding

Plant employees in Texas often spend a lot of their time operating machinery. For this reason, OSHA has machine guarding requirements meant to keep industrial workers safe while on the job. With movable machines, employers are required to provide some type of guard. Barrier guards, electronic safety devices and two-hand tripping devices are among the many options available.

Many workplace accidents still occur in confined spaces

In Texas and other states, permit-required confined space entry (PRCS) injuries and fatalities still occur fairly frequently. This is based on both new and old statistics regarding workplace injuries of this nature. Each year, roughly 2 million individuals enter confined spaces to perform some type of work-related tasks.

Man dies in Texas refinery accident

A death at a Texas refinery on May 11 owned by ExxonMobil was the third at that location since 2013 and the second at an area refinery over the past year. A 37-year-old man was hit in the head and neck by a falling pipe as he worked on a heat exchanger. The man was an employee of industrial engineering company Altair Strickland. He died at the scene.

Worker shocked at power substation

An employee at a power substation in Plainview was shocked during a Nov. 13 accident, sending the man to the hospital with critical injuries, authorities stated. The industrial incident reportedly led to a power outage that left some 4,600 Texans in the Plainview area without electrical power for about half an hour.

Texas oil rig accident injures 5 workers

Five individuals have sustained serious injuries following an oil rig fire in La Salle County. The victims were employed at Pioneer Natural Resources and were working on one of the company's work-over rigs in Tilden at the time of the accident.

In an industrial tank, few will hear you scream

We often speak informally of workplace accidents. Truth be told, most, if not all, are not accidents. They are negligence. Some fail to follow safety regulations through ignorance or willful disregard for human life, but many workplace fatalities and injuries are no surprise.

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