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Posts tagged "Workplace Safety"

How supervisors can help workers safe

A report from Dodge Data & Analytics found that worker safety is a top priority among contractors in Texas and throughout the country. Research has also shown that supervisors can play a key role in establishing a safety culture and ensuring that safety protocols are followed. In addition to the leadership of supervisors, other keys to a successful safety include worker participation in the program and regular safety meetings.

NIOSH provides recommendations for maintaining good IEQ

Maintaining good indoor environmental quality is a must for construction employers in Texas and across the U.S., and for this reason, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has provided some recommendations. They are based on the findings of NIOSH investigators during their health hazard evaluations of several work sites.

Warehouse workers face dangers on the job

The warehouse industry in Texas is booming. Around the world, Amazon alone directs 150 million square feet of warehouse space. Even as brick-and-mortar retail is experiencing serious problems, more and more people are buying goods online, requiring ever more warehouse space and warehouse employees. Some warehouse companies are dedicating significant energy to automating their workplaces, attempting to cut down on the number of human employees while also introducing potentially hazardous robotic implements. Indeed, there is some time to come before automation will displace many workers, but their jobs are likely to become more stressful and fast-paced as a result.

Providing workers with double hearing protection

OSHA has a permissible exposure limit in place that's meant to protect all workers in Texas and across the U.S. from overexposure to loud noises. The safety organization also has a hearing conservation program requirement. Employers are to train employees on how to monitor noise levels and safeguard themselves. This naturally means providing the right hearing protection devices.

OSHA makes safety training ruling

Employers in Texas and throughout America must offer safety training to any workers who may face hazards on the job. Generally speaking, they may use computers as part of employee training efforts. While these can help workers learn important skills, OSHA says that computer or online training courses are not acceptable on their own. Instead, workers must be taught skills such as putting on protective equipment in an interactive and physical setting.

True workplace safety requires more than reactivity

Worker's compensation was designed as a system to address the inevitability of on the job accidents and provide the injured worker with medical treatment, wage replacement and retraining if necessary without the need to prove the employer's negligence or fault. In turn, the employee cannot file a personal injury suit against the employer. However, in Texas, worker's comp is optional for most types of business. This has resulted in most Texas employers opting out of worker's comp, but they must have some means available to compensate injured workers.

OSHA: employers must measure respiratory hazards

Under OSHA's Respiratory Protection Standard, all employers must evaluate respiratory hazards in the workplace before determining if their workers need respirators. This, as employers in Texas should know, was the decision that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit came to back in September 2019.

Dosimetry limits radiation risks to Texas workplace safety

Though low, the risks of radiation exposure are cumulative and severe. This is due in part to the fact that some types can cause negative health consequences 10 years or longer after exposure. Workers exposed to too much radiation may face an increased risk of several types of cancer and other negative health outcomes. El Paso employees who work around radiation sources will benefit from an understanding of how dosimetry can limit health risks.

Be aware of new EPA labeling requirements

Texas workers must often be concerned with the safe handling of hazardous materials while on the job. New guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency are designed to increase awareness and improve workplace safety. Becoming familiar with these guidelines is the best way to ensure materials are properly handled, stored and disposed of.

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