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Posts tagged "workplace accidents"

ABC identifies measures that improve construction site safety

Construction workers in Texas whose employers use the Associated Builders and Contractors' Safety Performance Evaluation Process, also known as STEP, may be less likely to be injured on the job than those who work for employers who do not. ABC found that reportable safety incidents can be reduced by 85 percent and overall company safety may go up by as much as 670 percent when companies use STEP.

Building collapse kills worker in Texas

A construction worker was killed and several more were injured after the unexplained collapse of a large metal structure being erected on the campus of a Texas high school. The accident happened around 7:40 a.m. on April 2 while a team of workers was building new construction on the campus of Argyle High School in Denton County.

Worker performing maintenance crushed by trailer

Unsafe working environments and occupational hazards continue to play a significant role in incidents of workplace injuries, and some of these incidents have led to serious injury or even death. One accident that took place on Feb. 4, 2015, in Texas, for example, demonstrates the critical need for safety measures to be implemented and properly maintained for reliable functioning.

Texas worker killed in work accident

According to law enforcement authorities, an employee of the Harlingen Irrigation District lost his life in a work-related accident that occurred on Jan. 8. The accident occurred north of Harlingen on private land off of Brazil Road near the Bass Pro shop. Officials with the Harlingen Irrigation District stated that the man was performing a job on the land for the company.

Workers injured in vacant Texas rental home

A Sept. 15 explosion during renovations in a rental home on Shady Glen Drive injured two workers in the kitchen. The two men had been using lacquer thinner to strip glue from the floor when an unknown ignition source ignited the lacquer fumes. The resulting explosion injured both men and started a fire that severely damaged the vacant Waco home. The exact cause of the incident is being investigated by officials.

Construction work in Texas is a deadly gambit

Construction work is dangerous work. But construction work in Texas is more dangerous than it should be. There are numerous factors that lead to the higher than expected death toll from construction workplace accidents, ranging from no requirement for workers' compensation to the increasing use of independent contractors, which greatly reduces the potential liability to the general contractor.

Always remember motor vehicles when thinking of workplace safety

When we think of workplace safety, we may think of specific, situations that require the use of the proper safety equipment for specialized conditions, such as fall protection for roofing workers or breathing apparatus for workers who have to enter confined spaces. This equipment and the proper training to use it, is essential for a large number of workers.

Texas plant injury could result in $181,000 in penalties

Many industrial plants pose a great many risks of workplace accidents to workers. There often are large machines, with moving belts, augurs, grinders, presses and other powerful equipment that can easily crush or kill a worker should they become entangled in the workings of the machine.

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