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Posts tagged "Workplace Injury"

Final 2014 workplace fatality count higher than thought

Texas workers are sometimes involved in accidents on the job, and some of those result in fatalities. The United States Department of Labor recently released the final count of workplace fatalities in the U.S. for 2014, and the number of deaths across industries was higher than previously reported.

Sleep apnea could increase risk of workplace injuries

The American Sleep Apnea Association estimates that as many as 22 million individuals throughout the nation suffer from sleep apnea, but in many cases, the condition has not been diagnosed. Texas workers who are not aware that they have this condition could struggle with fatigue on a daily basis, which could translate into greater risk of work-related injury problems. A Canadian study compared statistics on workplace incidents involving those with and without the condition, finding that someone with sleep apnea was twice as likely to experience such issues as someone without the disorder.

Cranes are regulated but crane operators are not

Construction cranes in Texas should be carefully scrutinized for safety and maintenance. However, the people who operate the cranes are not overseen or accredited in any way at this time, and prospective bills that might address this issue have reportedly been forestalled until at least 2017.

Employers can take specific steps to prevent worker harm

Those who work in Texas may be interested to know that although job injuries are often caused by accidents, such events aren't beyond business owners' abilities to control. Experts suggest numerous methods that can potentially contribute to safer working conditions. They also say companies that use such accident prevention techniques ultimately reduce the financial burdens associated with employee medical care.

Overexertion the leading cause of disabling injuries at work

Many Texans are injured on the job each year, and some of them will be left either partially or totally disabled as a result. A new study shows that musculoskeletal injuries caused by overexertion are a leading cause of disabling workplace injuries.

Winter workplace injury concerns and prevention tips

Texas businesses have a responsibility to protect customers and employees from unsafe environments all year, but there are certain workplace hazards that are specific to the winter. It is essential to maintain a focus on workplace safety even as the holidays result in a large increase in customer traffic. Many retail businesses see a spike in sales in the fourth quarter, which can result in hazardous shop floors for customers. Warehouses also face a significant upturn in demands, which often result in pallet-racking systems that are too full for safe use.

Texas contractors responsible for construction worker safety

In 2013, 20 percent of all worker deaths across the United States occurred in the construction industry, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Many of these deaths involved contract workers, and it is important to understand that OSHA regulations hold both primary contractors and subcontractors responsible for any safety violations that lead to a worker's injury or death. In fact, in addition to documenting the deaths of contract workers each month, the agency often publishes the citations and fines employers were issued for worker injuries, deaths or endangerments.

Symptoms and prevention of hand-arm vibration disorder

Texas construction workers might not think about workplace injuries if they experience cold hands. However, numbness and tingling might cause them to wonder about carpal tunnel syndrome. Although carpal tunnel issues can be debilitating and can result from work-related activities, there are other possible diagnoses for hand problems. One of the most common disorders arising from construction and manufacturing work is actually believed to be under-reported because of its similarities to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Warehouse safety

Attention to safety can help warehouse owners avoid the costs that are attendant to non-compliance. Warehouse accidents injure many employees in Texas every year, and many of these incidents lead to workers' compensation claims. Workplace accidents can also lead to fines levied by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, especially for repeat offenders.

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