Helping Injured Service Industry Workers

As a service employee in El Paso, you work hard to take care of your employer’s patrons and guests. If you happen to get hurt while on the job, you expect and deserve to have your related medical bills taken care of. Unfortunately, not all companies provide the support that is warranted, and this can lead to additional financial burdens for yourself and your family.

At Davie & Valdez, P.C., our mission is to make sure that the best interests of injured workers are met. We apply our combined experience of over 47 years to seek compensation for the medical care you received and may still need, and obtain justice if you were unduly fired due to your injury.

Types Of Service Accidents

Working in the service industry places you in environments such as restaurants, hotels and kitchens. This can expose you to a variety of situations that can lead to accidents and injuries. Some common accidents include:

  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Lifting injuries
  • Cuts
  • Strike against or by objects
  • Chemical or fire burns

All of these can generate serious injuries and disability concerns. Our lawyers are there to challenge any employer that does not honor its responsibility to ensure your safety in the workplace and compensate you for an unexpected disaster.

Workers’ Injury Benefits

The Texas Department of Insurance states that if your employer offers workers’ compensation, it is required to pay for your medical bills and replace a portion of your lost wages. Benefits may also be granted to family members of employees who have been killed while working on the job. Our experienced team is aware, however, that many insurers try to deny workers’ claims. We are known as aggressive advocates, unafraid to face off with insurance companies in a court of law.

Learn Your Rights

If you have suffered injuries at your place of work, call us at 915-838-1100 to schedule a complimentary initial consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys. You can also contact us by filling out our online form.