Taking Action After An Injury On The Job

From the moment you suffer an injury while on the job in El Paso, every action you take can have a direct impact on your workers’ compensation claim. To avoid unnecessary delays and possible denial of your benefits, it is important to understand the steps you should follow next.

Seek Medical Care

Nothing is more urgent after a workplace accident than seeing a doctor and getting the medical treatment you need. According to the Office of Injured Employee Counsel, there are special rules regarding the choice of a doctor. If your employer is a school district, city or county, you will need to make sure that the doctor meets the plan’s requirements. If you are on a workers’ compensation health care network, your doctor should be on that list. When you meet with the doctor, it is important to emphasize that this is a work-related injury.

Report Your Injury

After receiving medical care, you must document your injury or illness with your employer and the state of Texas within certain time limits. When reporting your injury to the state, you must submit the correct form and make sure that all of your information is provided. Any missing information or failing to meet the deadlines will jeopardize your claim for benefits.

At Davie & Valdez, P.C., our attorneys can help you file the right documents and make sure they are submitted on time. We will also explain your specific rights to you and gather the necessary documentation to file an appeal if your claim is initially denied.

We Can Help

Regardless of how a workplace accident happened, injuries can cause much more than physical pain. All too often, unfortunately, the person who is hurt is not the only one to suffer. Injuries can leave painful and lasting impacts on entire families. Let our lawyers help you and your loved ones recover. Call us at 915-838-1100 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free initial consultation.